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Borko B. Djordjević,

Internationally Recognized Plastic Surgeon

Distinguished Physician, Professor, and Humanitarian

“For over 30 years, my life has been dedicated to creating elegant, natural transformations of the face and body.”

“The sooner, the better, the longer.”

Does your face surprise you when you look in the mirror, and not in a good way? Are there areas of your body that are exercise-resistant?

Although it’s never too late to pursue beauty, waiting to schedule your cosmetic surgery not only delays restoring your self-confidence, it could also compromise an ideal outcome and one that lasts.

I will honestly assess your concerns and provide recommendations for the best results.

“I spare nothing for my patients.”

My plastic surgery methods, staff, and equipment are the finest. My consultations are very comprehensive. What is the patient dissatisfied with? Why is he or she considering a cosmetic procedure now? I need to understand their expectations and, if possible, meet the family. Patients stay at least three days in my own extended-care facility so we can observe them and provide great, nurturing support.

“In my journey to becoming a plastic surgeon, I had to overcome a lot of obstacles.”

I am known as a bold, outspoken man who always fights for what I think is right. During my general surgery and plastic surgery residencies, there was a controversy brewing about an issue, and I took the side I believed in. Unfortunately, I came up against a group of 10 teachers who vehemently disagreed with me. In fact, they disagreed with my stance so much that they put a red flag on my board exam and ultimately did not allow me to sit for my oral exam. This is the reason I am a board-qualified plastic surgeon instead of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Did this stop me or discourage me? Absolutely not! In fact, it caused me to become even more dedicated to my patients and applying the highest aesthetic value to each patient’s surgical excellence. I have no interest in the politics of aesthetic medicine. My only concern is my patients!

“When it comes to facial or body rejuvenation, everything matters.”

What is essential is open conversation and medical testing before the plastic surgery procedure… the utmost safety and skill during the surgery…and careful monitoring after. For many of my patients, I also make suggestions about a new hairdo, makeup, and wardrobe styling.

My philosophy is – Why not make the most of the new you?

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“My patient and I must have the same aesthetic values.”

Whenever the end results might be compromised by incomplete or partial rejuvenation, I have refused to do the surgery. I always insist on an overall good and pleasing aesthetic result without obvious evidence of an actual physical procedure. In other words, my aesthetic values need to match the patient’s aesthetic desires for me to perform the procedure.

“Body sculpting can refine a body to its former shape — and sometimes an even better version.”

Today’s liposuction and tummy tucks can create an entirely different body contour – slimmer, more refined, tighter, and toned. I use the wet technique, which provides the best liposuction results with the least side effects.

Let’s meet for a private plastic surgery consultation. I can help you achieve what you envision — perhaps that younger-looking, leaner, more graceful you.

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“Artistry is inborn.”

Having been a sculptor most of my life, I have developed an “eye for beauty” that guides all my work. What makes a face or body beautiful? There is great subtlety, balance, and harmony that come into play. A certain meticulousness and grace. Something indefinable.

“Facial features, muscle, and skin do not all age at the same rate.”

Certain features change more rapidly than others as we age, leaving the face out of proportion. Restoring just one feature may not be enough. I believe in a comprehensive approach so that everything is in harmony and balance. I ask patients to bring a photo of their younger selves. It is a great starting point for our conversation.

“I use a technique that provides the most natural facelifts.”

I use a vertical lift that I developed and perfected over 40 years. This keeps the face from looking artificial and ‘windswept’. My facelifts show no obvious or drastic signs of surgery, not even any observable scars.